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Mini Minds Matter

NWOBC January 2023 Exhibitor

Unigueasaurus is one of a kind book cover
Unigueasaurus is one of a kind book cover

Mini Minds Matter UK is a daily dinosaur themed approach that supports the mental health and wellbeing of children. It incorporates mindfulness, affirmations, meditations and encourages a growth mindset.

We aim to equip children with the right tools to support emotional wellbeing, through changing and rewiring the brain as early as possible to impact long term development. We provide books based on our theme of the month, for example: Friendlyasaurus, Uniqueasaurus and many more! In each of our stories, there is an underlying value which helps children relate and create links between the story and their own life experiences.

Each of our book’s rhyme to help support young children’s learning and understanding. We thrive off building effective parent partnerships and what a great way to do so, through reading our stories and engaging in the different activities or tasks provided throughout the book!

Mini Minds Matter are offering 10% discount to anyone who signs up via this page or at the event!

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