Ofsted Big Conversation: North West

About the Ofsted Big Conversation

The Ofsted Big Conversation brings together representatives of Early Years Childcare Providers and Ofsted across the UK. It is run on a voluntary basis by sector representatives.

The OBC is run on a regional basis, and its aim is twofold – to provide an opportunity for providers to raise areas of concern or queries with a representative from Ofsted, and to give Ofsted an opportunity to give sector representatives updates on policy changes and explain how it operates.

Image of an Ofsted Big Conversation Meeting
Image of an Ofsted Big Conversation Meeting

About #NWOBC

The OBC North West Steering Group was established in September 2014 as a key voice for the early years sector and is run by volunteers from the Early Years Sector on a not for profit basis. Our twice yearly open meetings provide really meaningful engagement at grass roots level as well as fantastic professional development. Termly steering group meetings with Ofsted ensure continued focus and a mutual respect that we all want what is best for children.

Visit our Archive Page to view minutes of previous meetings and presentations from Ofsted representatives.


We always very much welcome any feedback. Kidzrus Nursery so appreciated the October 2021 meeting that wrote this blog post about how they have used the information from Ofsted and shared the CPD opportunities with their wider teams!

Open Meetings

We are delighted to announce that we are getting back together for the next Open Meeting!

After some consideration, we have decided to hold one big open meeting per year from now on. The next one will be on 28 January 2023, and will be a hybrid event. For those who’d like to get back together in person we’ll be at the University of Bolton Stadium, while those who still prefer online events can join us on Zoom. 

There are no upcoming events at this time

Check out the highlights of the January OBC meeting at the University of Bolton Stadium!
NWOBC Ofsted Content and Meeting Archive

Previous Meetings and Ofsted Content

As well as two Open Meetings every year, the Ofsted Big Conversation North West Steering Group also have closed meetings with representatives of Ofsted once every term. These meetings cover topics of concern to the sector and allow Ofsted to give us regular updates.

Material presented by Ofsted at any of our meetings is designed to be freely available to anyone who wants it, as are the minutes of the closed meetings. We have now set up an archive page here which is where we will add any content we get from Ofsted and we will post minutes of our closed meetings so that everyone can see what we’ve been discussing. Of course we’ll still keep disseminating as much as we can via our social channels, but this gives us a central point to link to.