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NWOBC January 2023 Exhibitor

As Early Years practitioners, we all know that a child’s development is as unique as they are, and no two children develop in the same way at exactly the same time. But…that is the message that is often given to parents. Being a parent is challenging enough without constantly being bombarded with information that tells you your child ‘should’ be doing a certain thing at a certain time. This kind of thinking leads to unhelpful comparisons and places unnecessary pressure not only on the parents, but also the practitioners who are often trying to correct this misinformed information or deal with a parent’s unrealistic expectations.

At My First Five Years we are on a mission to create a healthier relationship between parents and their child’s learning journey. This will in turn help you as practitioners as a My First Five Years parent will be a well-informed and be tuned into the methods of effective practice that you are promoting in your settings. We provide parents with the tools, knowledge and support to better understand the unique way in which children learn and develop. Our award winning app contains 2,000 hints, tips, hacks as well as 1,000+ skills for children to master in the first five years of their life. It also gives parents simple to create, activity ideas linked to their child’s unique development journey. (Not only is our app loved by parents but is also being used by childminders and nannies for observation, tracking and activity ideas!) You can find out more here.

We also have a podcast!  Check it out by clicking the image below.

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